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Clearwater Ranch is a project where families are creating a safe, wholesome housing for their special needs adult children to support life-long independence. It is located in Cloverdale, CA, a town in the beautiful Sonoma County.

The Mission

Our Mission is to provide life-long housing and community that empowers developmentally disabled adults to live their lives to the fullest potential with dignity, purpose, and joy.

Our Mission

The People

We are a group of active parents partnering with a non-profit, Living Unlimited to design, develop and implement a life-long housing solution for our loved ones with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Property

It is an 84 acre land with buildings on gently rolling hills in Cloverdale, California. Close proximity to downtown Cloverdale, an open space preserve, wineries, and the Sonoma Lake recreation area.

The property includes:

- Nine single-level homes
- 1,800 sq. foot workshop space
- A large multi-purpose gym/rec. space

- A fully equipped commercial kitchen
- A shallow swimming pool
- A large open space for a garden/farm.

The Housing

Clearwater Ranch will be a neighborhood composed of up to 24 young adults with various disabilities and 14 neurotypical individuals.


- Large single-story houses

- 4 disabled individuals per house

- ILS/SLS caregivers as needed

- One bedroom per resident
- Separate houses for men & women

- Monthly rent from SSI/SSDI income.

The Business Model

Clearwater Ranch is owned by CRC LLC. The managing member of this LLC is Living Unlimited (LU), and other members of the LLC will be up to 24 residents’ families. LU will provide business and legal support, property management services and general oversight. 

Subscription features:
- It is an equity investment

- It is not a donation
- It can be resold

- It provides rights to 1 bedroom

- The ownership is for perpetuity

The Care Support

The primary caregiver support will come from ILS/SLS services provided by independent agencies. Individual families will work with the Regional Center to arrange this service, as they would do in any other privately provided housing arrangement.

Other supports:

- Day Program through Regional Center
- Ranch Manager
- Live-in Home Companions

Do you want to be a part of this project?

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